Who We Are


Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, our locally owned business has been providing roofing solutions to our community. We are a name you can trust as we are truly local born and raised.

Our company stands for:
  • Dedication to Quality
  • Trust
  • Value

When you need residential or commercial repair, Colony Roofers of Georgia is the company to choose!


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Why Choose Us

At Colony Roofers of Georgia, we know how stressful it is to need roofing repair. We set out to make the repairs as simple as possible for you so you can rest easy.

Our roofing contractors use techniques we have developed over the years to provide you with a dependable roofing system and no unecessary nailing. Efficiency in installation guarantees you can get back to your day to day with peace of mind. We even clean up debris to keep your property looking its best. Call us to get started on your roof repair or replacement today!