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You know metal roofs are durable. But many people find them appealing because they are available in a diverse range of metals and styles. Metal comes in a variety of colors and can be shaped to imitate most roofing materials like tile or shingles. Metal shingles are surprisingly lightweight and cost-effective. When you need a reliable local roofer to install a metal shingle roof in Atlanta, GA, you’ll want to turn to the professionals at Colony Roofers. You can find out more about us or get an estimate on your next project by calling (678) 365-3138.

Why Choose Metal Shingles?

If you are thinking about having Colony Roofers install your metal shingle roof in Atlanta, GA, you know you’ll be getting a durable, long-lasting roof. Unlike traditional shingle roofs, which last about 25 years, a metal roof will last 50 years or more. These roofs will require less maintenance and are less susceptible to leaks or damage from severe weather like hailstorms. You can choose from a variety of metals ranging from aluminum and tin to copper and galvanized steel, and you are not limited by color. You will be able to find a roofing solution to fit almost any home design.

Moreover, you’ll be saving money with metal roofs. Many insurers provide discounts for metal shingle roofs, and tax credits may be available as well. You’ll also find metal roofs to be very energy efficient. In addition, Colony Roofers provides some of the best warranties available in the business. You can also count on our experienced, handpicked roofing crews to always provide exceptional service. We never cut corners, and always use high-quality materials from leading manufacturers. You can also count on us for fair pricing as we work from standardized price lists.

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If you are looking for a trusted local roofer to install your metal shingle roof in Atlanta, GA, you need to look no further than Colony Roofers. We offer a full range of solutions from installation to replacement to repair. Find out how we can help you by calling (678) 365-3138