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Copper Roofing Experts

Nothing provides more elegance in metal roofing than copper. It’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing metals around perfect not only for your main roof but for cupolas and turrets as well. This traditional metal roof is also very durable and not prone to problems like rusting. If you are interested in copper roofing in Atlanta, GA, count on the experienced professionals at Colony Roofers. Find out how we can help or schedule a service appointment by calling (678) 365-3138.

The Benefits of Copper Roofs

You know that all metal roofs are durable. Copper is one of the first metals used in history and has proven itself for centuries, and you can expect long-term durability with copper roof installation in Atlanta, GA. Some of these roofs can last more than a century. Copper roofing has many advantages, among which is that it does not rust. While it can corrode if water collects on it for a significant time, if properly installed and maintained, corrosion is something you’re less likely to have to worry about. When you have Colony Roofers install your roof, you’re even less likely to have to worry about such issues because our crews are highly skilled and experienced.

While you might not put copper on your whole roof, it can be particularly attractive on features like cupolas and turrets as well as bay windows. Of course, copper roofing like any other roofing will have its issues from time-to-time. When problems occur, however, you can count on us for fast, effective copper roof repair. You can always trust our teams for exceptional service. Also, our materials are always of the highest quality and come from leading manufacturers. We also offer fair pricing and work to make sure any project we undertake stays within budget.

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When you want durability paired with aesthetic appeal, a copper roof may be the right thing for your home or a feature like a turret or cupola. If you want a local leader in copper roofing in Atlanta, GA to install or repair your roof, rely on the trusted professionals at Colony Roofers. You can learn more or schedule us today for services by calling (678) 365-3138