Hotel & Apartment Roofing


Diverse Roofing Solutions

When you choose Colony Roofers for your roofing projects, you can always count on our crews for diverse roofing services. Our roofers are skilled in a variety of roofing systems, many of which are used in apartment and hotel roofing. If you have shingle roofing on your apartments or TPO roofing on your hotel our team can repair or replace that roofing. We are the experts to rely on for apartment roof installation in Atlanta, GA. You can find out more about us or schedule a service appointment by calling (678) 365-3138.

Our Service Offerings for Apartments and Hotels

Colony Roofers’s years of experience in residential roofing give us an edge when it comes to roofing for multifamily residences like apartment complexes. Our roofers understand a variety of roofing systems and are highly skilled with apartment roof installation in Atlanta, GA. Whether you are a developer working on new construction projects or an apartment manager that needs a team for apartment roof repair, we are the trusted professionals who’ll take care of you.

Hotel managers are faced with keeping their guests happy, and if you have a leaking roof, guests aren’t going to want to stay in your hotel. With years of commercial roofing experience, our handpicked crews will provide fast, effective hotel roof repair. We will work to make sure hotel operations aren’t held up, and your guests are happy. If your roof is aging and ready to be replaced or you have a new construction project, our team is also available for hotel roof installation. Our teams are trained in all aspects of commercial roofing and can handle all types of roofing systems from metal to flat roofs like built-up roofing or TPO.

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When you need a trusted, local source for apartment roof installation in Atlanta, GA, you can always rely on the team at Colony Roofers. Our roofers are trained to work on a variety of roofing systems and we offer a full range of commercial roofing solutions. Find out more about us or set up a time to get an inspection and estimate by calling (678) 365-3138.