FAQ: Should You Stay Home During a Roof Replacement?

Replacing your roof can feel like a pretty big event– after all, tearing off your existing roof and putting on a new one isn’t something you deal with every day.

One question we’re frequently asked about roof replacements is whether or not homeowners should stay home or vacate the house when the roofers are working.

In this article, we’ll look at the pros and cons of staying home during a roof replacement and some other related questions that you’re likely curious about to help you prepare for the big day.

Can You Live in a House While the Roof Is Being Replaced?

Yes, you can live at home during a roof replacement. Some roof replacements only take a day, and you might choose to stay home or go elsewhere while the crew is getting the job done. Other projects might take two to five days or more; even in this case, you can still live at your house during the replacement.

Whether or not you want to is a different question, the answer to which only you can decide. In the rest of the article, we’ll examine the pros and cons of staying in your house while roofers are actively working. If the estimated duration of the job is more than one day and you aren’t bothered by your property being a job site for a few days, you might consider leaving during the day and staying in your house at night.

Roofers Installing a New Roof

There will inevitably be some annoyances to endure while your roof is removed and replaced, but a good roofing company will do everything in its power to reduce how the process inconveniences you. It’s also worth noting that there might be nails and debris in your yard and driveway until the job is complete, which could impact your decision to stay home or find somewhere else to stay– particularly if you have young children or pets that normally run around the yard.

Should You Stay Home During a Roof Replacement?

Whether or not you stay home during a roof replacement is a decision that is entirely up to you. Both options have some strong pros and cons, and depending on your priorities, you might find that it makes sense for you to find somewhere else to be during the project or to hold down the fort.

Most roofing contractors will recommend that you vacate the house during a roof replacement because it can be very loud and disturbing. At the same time, any reputable company won’t have any problem with you staying home if you choose to.

Woman Staying at Home

In the next sections, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons you might choose to stay home when your roof is being replaced, as well as some that you might decide to go elsewhere during the duration of the job.

What Are Some Good Reasons to Stay Home During a Roof Replacement?

Staying home during a roof replacement can be irritating, to say the least– most people will struggle not to get annoyed by the noises and vibrations of roofers hammering nails into their roofs. At the same time, there are some legitimate reasons why you might choose to stick around while the project occurs.

Woman Guiding a Contractor

Staying Home Allows You to Monitor the Progress

Getting a roof replaced is a big investment that impacts your life in more ways than one– not only does it ensure that the interior of your home is protected from the elements, but it can also change the way your home looks aesthetically and even provide energy efficiency benefits. It’s natural to be eager to know how the project is coming along, and when you stay home, you can see the roofers’ progress with your own eyes and consult with the project manager.

If you go elsewhere during the roof replacement, you can only rely on your roofing contractor for updates. Some might use apps to help you see the project’s status, but few companies do this. Roofing contractors dedicated to providing excellent customer service will be willing to send photos and videos when homeowners are staying elsewhere so they can stay up to date on the project’s progress.

It Allows You to Respond to Any Issues Immediately

If you hire a reputable roofing company, there’s a good chance that everything will go as expected. That being said, things can always come up as the job progresses. When you stay home, it means that you can quickly respond to any questions they have and avoid delays in the project.

It Can Help You Save Money

Unless you plan on staying with family or friends, leaving the house during a roof replacement typically means you’ll need to get a hotel or some other type of accommodation. In optimal conditions, replacing the roof on an average-sized home usually takes one to three days. Depending on the estimated duration of your roof replacement, you might be able to get away with simply going to work for the day or taking a day trip to avoid the project’s noise and disruption. For larger houses or more complicated projects, you might find other accommodations for several days.

Staying home can help you avoid this cost, which can be substantial depending on how many people you’re booking a room for, your location, and the type of accommodations you’re renting in a short-term way.

It Can Help You Stay Centered

Though it might be tempting to leave your house during a roof replacement in order to avoid the noise and disruption of the process, it can be pretty uncentering to be away from your house and possessions. If you’re planning on staying home, you don’t have to take time to coordinate with the roofing contractors or even potentially deal with getting locked out of your house by the roofers due to miscommunication.

Staying Home Lets You Keep An Eye on Your Property

When hiring a professional and trustworthy roofing contractor, you shouldn’t have to worry about your property or personal possessions. At the same time, though, it can always be a bit nerve-wracking to have people you don’t know milling around your house when you aren’t there. If you know that it will give you peace of mind to be able to keep an eye on things during the roof replacement, staying home is likely the way to go.

What Are Some Reasons I Might Not Want to Be Home During a Roof Replacement?

In most cases, vacating your house while the crew is actively working will be the less irritating and disruptive option. Beyond that, you won’t have to worry about your own safety or your family’s safety if you find somewhere else to be while the roofers are tearing off and replacing your roof.

Woman in a Noisy Environment

A Roof Replacement Is Noisy and Can Be Disruptive

If you’ve never had a roof replaced before, it can be hard to anticipate how loud it is for someone to hammer nails on the roof above your head. It can be very hard to deal with, particularly if you are trying to get work done. If your home has several stories, the banging will be more muffled on the lowest floor. That being said, you will typically be able to hear the roofers installing roofing materials no matter where you are in your house.

Not only can all this noisiness be irritating, but it can also be downright disturbing to young children or pets. If you have a dog that tends to be very bothered by thunder and lightning, there’s a good chance they’ll be uncomfortable during a roof replacement. Cats are also notorious for hating the process of putting on a new roof.

Of course, you might choose to stay home yourself and find another place for your children and pets to be during the day. One of the best options is if you have a family member or friend who is willing to watch them while the roofers are at your house so that they aren’t bothered by the noise and vibrations.

There Are Safety Hazards to Be Aware Of

Staying out of the way is very important when you’re having your roof replaced– no matter how careful your roofing contractor is, the nature of the project is that roofing material is going to be coming down from the top of your home. While your roofer isn’t going to throw debris by your front door, you want to be very careful walking or standing near the gutter line, as the crew likely can’t see over the edge of the roof.

You can ask your contractor if you plan on staying home to let you know when they start the removal process. You can also ask them about areas you should avoid to ensure that there isn’t any risk to your safety.

Replacing a Roof Creates Dust and Debris

Any good roofing company will clean up well before they leave your house, but that doesn’t mean things can’t get pretty messy during the process. No matter how careful they are to put roofing materials and nails in the dumpster, there is inevitably going to be some debris and dust created during the process. Not only does this mean that your safety can be at risk if you’re walking outside your house during the job, but it can be nicer to come home to your yard cleaned rather than seeing it in disarray.

Staying Home Can Be Inconvenient

Even though staying home might be convenient in some ways because it doesn’t remove you from your home base, it can also be pretty inconvenient to be there while the roofers are working. If you leave the house during the project, the roofers can come in and out, and you can just come back to a home with a brand-new roof. If you stay home, it can involve a lot of coordination with the roofing crew, disrupting your routine and getting pretty annoying.

How Long Does a Roof Replacement Take?

Several factors will influence how long it takes to replace your roof, and the roofing contractor you hire will be able to give you a more specific estimate based on your property, weather conditions, and other factors.

On average, the process should only take one full day for a roof that is 3,000 square feet or less. In some instances, though, reroofing a house can take three to five days.

Larger roofs and more complex roofs will take longer than smaller, simple roofing systems. The weather can also slow down roofing jobs as well as the accessibility of your roof. In the most extreme cases, a roofing job could take up to three weeks.

A Roof Replacement-1

Getting a sense of how long your particular roofing job will take can help you decide whether or not it’s worth staying home. If the weather looks good and the company you hire is confident they can get the job done in one day, the decision to stay or go is much different than deciding whether or not to book a hotel for a few weeks.

While it can be tempting to go with the roofing contractor that estimates the job will only take one day versus a few, it’s important to remember that a quick roof replacement isn’t always better. Your new roof is a big investment that you will rely on to protect your home and family from the elements.

It’s great news if a contractor can come in and do an excellent job with your roof replacement and leave your yard and driveway looking spotless, but you’ll want to be wary of companies that seem more interested in speed than quality. After all, it’s worth a day or two of additional disruption for the job to be done right the first time.

Is It Time For You to Replace Your Roof?

Though having your roof replaced can be disruptive, it typically means only a few days of work for an investment that will last you at least twenty years if well maintained. Replacing an aging or damaged roof isn’t something you want to put off, as a roof that isn’t performing as expected can lead to water damage in your home, structural damage, health risks in the form of mold, mildew, and pests, and a number of other highly undesirable outcomes.

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If it’s time for you to replace your roof in the Atlanta area, you’re in the right place. Colony Roofers is a locally owned and operated roofing company specializing in offering high-quality roofs at the most affordable prices. Our crew is hand selected for their work ethic, experience, and integrity, and we take pride in providing the best customer service in the business.

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