Can You Replace A Roof In Sections?

If you have serious roof damage, a roof replacement is inevitable. You may be wondering though - Can I replace my roof in sections? The answer is: it depends. While it is possible to replace only a section of your roof, it's not always recommended. It may seem like a cheaper option, but most experts agree that replacing sections of your roof will do more harm, and bring more expenses in the long run.


Why It's Not Recommended To Replace Your Roof In Sections

Like we touched on already, replacing your roof in sections may seem like an affordable alternative to a full roof replacement. However, there are a number of reasons why replacing your roof in sections as opposed to replacing the whole thing isn't always the best option.

  • It can be hard to match materials with a partial roof replacement
  • You can put the integrity of your roof at risk by replacing only one section
  • The lifespan of your roof becomes uneven when replacing a section at a time
  • Replacing only a portion of your roof can be risky
  • You end up paying more in the long run by splitting your roof replacement into sections


It's Hard To Match Materials

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One of the benefits to roof replacement is that you raise the curb appeal of your home. New shingles look better, and give your entire home a facelift. When you replace your roof in sections instead of replacing the entire roof at once, it will be noticeable.

Lots of things cause shingles to show signs of age, like UV exposure, wind, rain, hail, etc. New shingles will never perfectly match the existing ones, because the aging process changes the way they look significantly. This means that even if your roofing contractor uses the exact same shingles in the exact same color, the new section will look vastly different from the old ones.

Replacing a section of your roof may seem attractive to your wallet, but it will damage the aesthetics of your home, lower your curb appeal, and ultimately lower the value of your home.


You Can Put The Integrity Of Your Roof At Risk

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You might think it makes sense to replace a section of your roof if it's more worn than other sections. While this seems like logically it would be the smart option, you actually run the risk of damaging the integrity of your entire roof if you opt to do it this way. 

Your roof is one entire system. Replacing a section of it at a time risks the stability of the structure as a whole. You may have unseen damage in the section you opt not to replace, and as a result, your entire roof can still be at risk, even if you've repaired what you think is the main issue.


The Lifespan Of Your Roof Becomes Uneven

One thing you can anticipate when your roof is replaced as a whole is the expected lifespan. For instance, asphalt shingle roofs typically last anywhere from 15-25 years if properly maintained. If you replace a section of your roof, you now have two different lifespans, that will age unevenly.

The older section of your roof will likely continue to experience the issues that prompted you to replace the initial section, and as a result you become trapped in an endless cycle of repairs in an attempt to avoid a total roof replacement.

Having differently aged sections of your roof also makes it more difficult for contractors to assess damage and perform repairs. Additionally, you will be looking at more partial roof replacements down the line, because the older section is going to wear out more quickly than the one you opted to replace.


Replacing A Portion Can Be Risky

Tearing off and replacing a single portion of your roof can actually be harder for your contractor than replacing the entire thing. As we mentioned before, roofs are designed as one structure, and are not meant to be split into parts. 

Replacing a section at a time will create unnecessary seams, which can lead to leaks and water damage that end up being extremely costly down the line. You're also assuming that the other part of your roof will last for a couple more years at least, but there can be unseen damage lurking below the surface that causes your roof even more severe problems.


It Will End Up Being More Expensive In The End

At the end of the day, replacing your roof in sections doesn't really save you any money. You are still paying the contractor to come out, tear off a section, bring new materials up, and install them. The labor costs alone are going to run you quite a bit of money. The only savings you end up with are minor savings on materials.

Ultimately, you're going to need to replace the other sections of your roof sooner rather than later. When you end up paying the labor costs a second time, you are spending a lot more money in the long run than you would have if you had opted to replace your entire roof at one time.

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Questions About Roof Replacement?

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