Our Services

Our Services

New Installation

Our Military background creates a company wide culture of team work with focus on efficiencies. We have created a model that is based upon being predictable and consistent, making us a great fit for your new construction needs.


We properly diagnose and fix the problem the first time, minimizing the need for multiple trips. This ultimately saves you money and keeps a small problem from becoming a big problem.

Roof Replacement

Sometimes the best solution is to remove an existing roof and replace it with a new one. We will inspect your roof to determine if replacement is necessary or if repair is enough to buy your roof a few more years of life.

Storm Damage

We specialize in storm damage and the insurance claim process. We pride ourselves on being able to evaluate a roof and give you an honest idea of what reality is pertaining to your ability to get a claim approved.


For commercial projects we currently work with metal roof and shingle roof assemblies. If you have a commercial project, we want to provide you a bid.

Additional Services

Along with your new roof, we can also repair your gutters and work with you insurance company to cover any damages to structure and even paint. Sit down with us and explain your home’s issues, and we’ll work to restore it like new!