Hail and Storm Damage

Is your roof damaged from hail storms, or do you need your roof repaired or replaced?

Storm Damage

We will help walk you through the insurance claim process!

We provide expert help to repair or replace a roof that has suffered from hail damage and can help solve your roofing needs in the following ways:

  • Certified roofing inspectors and adjusters identifying hail damage
  • Insurance claims assistance experts
  • Leading roofing brands and products
  • Workmanship and manufacturer warranties
  • Quality craftmanship

Hailstorms are frequent occurrences in Georgia. The majority of hailstorms occur during the spring, summer or fall months, are concentrated in local areas, and usually do not cause extensive property damage. However, sometimes hailstones can be large enough to cause serious damage – usually 1.5 inches or more. When this happens, hailstones can cause significant property damage to your Georgia home’s roofing, windows, and siding. When hailstones reach three inches in diameter, they can cause major roof damage.

If you think that you might have storm or hail damage, please call us at (678) 365-3138.